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Poi Video: Partner ex-poi-dition by Thom

This video made me feel happy! It's so cute! And it's by our friend Thom, who's recently agreed to run a poi blog on playpoi. Thanks Thom!

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nano-Tech Blog 12

Moves that make you go "what the?!" make Alien Jon happy. Here are a few flavors of a "what the?!" combo using (not)1.5's and stalls.

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Illzao and Banyan taking Circus and Smiles to Sumatra

My friends Illzao and Banyan just made a trip to Sumatra, to perform a circus show for children, disabled groups, and retirement communities. Not much poi but lots of love and smiles and inspiration!

Circus in Sumatra 2011 from illuzaö on Vimeo.

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Memories of 2010 Playpoi retreats: Alien Jon spins fire

2010 was a fun year for Playpoi retreats! Here is some recently rediscovered footage of Alien Jon spinning fire at last year's retreats in Bali and Switzerland.

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Alien Jon nano Tech Blog 11

Alien Jon gives us a quick taste of some fun stall chasers in nano Tech Blog #11

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Restoring Reefs with Art, and thoughts on how we can make the world a happier place

I just discovered kickstarter.com and thus a project by Colleen Flanigan that engages the public in art to restore coral reefs.

I've sent her $50 and I'm posting the video here to help her raise the rest of the money. If it works I'll launch a new section of playpoi dedicated to making the world a happier place by supporting artists doing good work in the world. So I dare you, no, I DOUBLE DARE YOU to send her a little money. Let's see if the poi community can improve the world together!

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Introducing Secret Spinner Karsten

Kasten is one of those amazing "secret spinners" who hasn't put many videos on youtube. He's joined us at a few retreats and now we want to promote him as one of the world's most lovable teachers. He'll be offering workshops in Hamburg, Sheffield, and Aachen. He's well worth a little trip! Details on the left under "upcoming events."

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Why do you flow?

Jon sent me this link to Richard Hartnell's "Meaning of Flow" video. Very well done! The question is... why do YOU flow?

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Thought of You...

Blair just sent me a link to this beautiful dance animation. I love it!

Thought of You from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.

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Alien Jon nano Tech Blog 10

Poi mind blow! Alien Jon's latest nano Tech Blog featuring meltdowns, turning pulse weaves, long-arm hybrids in split-same, and goofing around with tosses. Note: no aliens or hand-llamas were injured in the making of this blog. :-)

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Master of... throwing business cards?

I liked this video just because it shows you can get brilliantly good at anything if you put your mind to it!

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Iced Tea Isolations (with Circular Stepping)

Just to show you the potential of playing with circular stepping, here's an amazing video of some Thai guys making iced tea flow style. Big thanks to Mark for sending us the link.

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Nick talks about Beginners Mind

I met filmmaker Michael Stillwater at Cortona Week. He's making a documentary about Songs Without Borders and he asked me to talk about what makes people happy when they learn something, and why I am learning to sing even though I'm "bad" at it.

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Swiss Retreat 2010 Vlog

We've wrapped up our third annual Swiss Poi Retreat at the Balmeggberg! It was great fun -- spinning, sauna, and yummy organic food.

Check out our Swiss Poi Retreats album on Flickr for some beautiful photos, and see our vlog from a day of training and play below!

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Alien Jon nano Tech Blog 09

Thom Thumb and Alien Jon worked out another 3-poi passing partner sequence in nano Tech Blog #09:
Turning between forward & reverse weaves via a cross-stance 4-beat... wile passing poi to each other.

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