Linking to Playpoi is a great way to help us do better in search engine results, but only when it’s appropriate and relevant! “Spamming” the Internet with links to would do more harm than good, so please only link to playpoi when it’s relevant. To make sure your links go a long way, here is our brief tutorial in effective linking:

Your own website or blog is a great place to link to, either from the content of an entry or from the sidebar or links section. If we release a video or any other content you want to share with others, remember to blog about it.

The most important thing is to use appropriate keywords in the anchor text (i.e. the text that is the clickable hyperlink). Example: “Hey, check out these amazing poi dancing and fire spinning videos” will work much better than, “Hey, to see some amazing poi dancing and fire spinning videos, click here.” The first link tells search engines that we are about “poi dancing and fire spinning videos,” while the second tells search engines that we are about “here.”

Just copy and paste the following code to create the first link:

Or, to customize your own link, just replace the block letters of the following code with your own wording:

Linking from bulletin Boards like
Discussion boards are a great place to link to Most bulletin boards don’t allow HTML, so you have to use a special code called UBBC. You can use this code to make a link to playpoi:

It will have the anchor text “Nick’s poi website.” You can easily change the anchor text (i.e. “Nick’s poi website”) to anything else. It’s best for us if it includes the word “poi.” Note that many bulletin boards offer you buttons to make this easy.

Linking from other online profiles:
Any website where you have a profile might be a place where you can link to Just try editing your profile and see if it allows you to publish HTML or UBBC code. If it does, include poi as one of you interests or find any other reason to link to us. Doing so gives you a way to express your love for poi!

Linking to our About Poi section
If you ever mention poi anywhere on the internet that accepts HTML, remember that you can make the word poi link to our “About Poi” section with the following code:

We’ve worked hard to make this section informative and useful, so feel free to use it to tell people what poi is!



Using graphics when linking to us
you can also use the graphic to the right. Simply right click and choose “save image location” and then paste it into your own site or blog. Remember that text links still help us the most.


*Note that several pages on are “list view pages,” meaning they display a series of entries of a certain subject. If you want to link to the whole list view page (for instance, the poi videos page), just copy the URL from the URL locator at the top of your browser. If you want to link to a specific entry, click on the title at the top of the entry, or the “read more” tag at the bottom, and copy the URL from the top of the page that contains just the entry itself (you can also right click on either and select “Copy Link Location”). Remember to link to specific sections, nodes, or blog entries whenever the opportunity arises.