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17 years of poi-teaching experience in one step-by-step course


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No prior experience required!

You will even learn to make practice poi, so you can start today!

I love the course! I'm a true beginner in the sense that I've never done anything like this, and am not athletic or naturally coordinated. The course is broken down in such a way as to be easy to follow at my own pace. One of the greatest benefits of the series is that it isn't overwhelming. Each video is clear, comprehensive, and short enough that I stay motivated to keep trying

- Heidi Branch

Learn all the moves, turns and transitions you need!

You will be able to dance freely with your poi, and even perform!

After months of learning from YouTube videos with lacklustre results, I purchased Nick's course. The difference was like night and day! No more confusion figuring out which moves to learn next, or piecing together what was missing. This course walks you through everything you need to know and even better - makes the whole process fun! By the end of the course I was comfortable putting on little performances in public.

- Becky Shade


'cause I always give a FAQ!

No experience necessary. You can start as a complete beginner!

Just dress comfortably. You will need enough space to swing poi around. Be careful about smashing lamps if you’re inside!

No, this is not traditional Maori poi, it’s circus style poi. If you want to learn about Maori poi and culture, try to find Maori community in your area, or go to Aotearoa (AKA New Zealand). Many Maori people are happy to share about their culture and history

If you know a few moves already, you will know which lessons to skip in the beginning. Just don’t skip too many! Some of the early lessons are important for developing a foundation for mastery

This course is about poi movement. Fire spinning would require an entire course

One of the first videos will cover which poi we recommend ordering, or how to make your own set of practice poi at home!

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About Nick Woolsey

Nick Woolsey has been an influential poi artist since 2002. He has toured all over the world teaching poi to thousands of people in person, and to tens of thousands more through video. He has put all that experience into this online course.

Nick compares learning poi to learning music. Mastering the fundamental skills allows a poi artist to play freely, to learn new moves easily, and to develop personal style.

When not teaching poi or practicing, Nick creates wildflower gardens, attempts dating, and designs imaginary spaceships.

The imaginary spaceships tend to work out the best.