This course includes 12 sections, with 12-15 short videos per section. Most students choose a pace of 1-2 weeks per section. 80% of the videos are only available through this course, they are not the same as my Youtube videos!

Each video draws on my 12 years of experience teaching poi full time. The videos guide you through an in-depth, step-by-step approach to developing freedom and confidence with:

  • Poi-fu (Whole-body coordination for poi and flow arts)
  • Footwork: Whirling, spotting, and dance
  • Mastery of planes
  • Stalls and stall patterns
  • Crosspoints and pattern beautification
  • Poi flowers: Inspin, antispin, and combinations
  • Performance theory
  • Rhythm and musicality
  • Variations of Spiral Wraps
  • Behind the back weaves
  • 5-beat weaves, 4-beat fountains, and many other moves!
  • And oh so much more!

The course is offered through’s online learning platform, which helps you stay organized and engaged. You can post questions by text or video, and I’ll respond!

Note: This course is for those who are flowing freely with the poi basics. You can check our Overview of the Poi Basics to make sure you’re ready!


Because so many people are stuck at home without work, I’ve lowered the price of the course to $24.99USD. If you need a better price, or a full scholarship, just write me with the link below and I’ll set you up!

CLICK HERE FOR THE PRICE OF $25 (*Note: Please buy the course directly via this link. If you use some other coupon code, I only get 25% of the fee!)

Check out the testimonials below from those already enjoying the course!


“This course is packed with content! It builds in a progression, and supplements the videos on poi tricks with foundational material like footwork and warming up. I love this series and all of Nick’s videos because of his lighthearted narration (it always makes me smile) and the beautiful scenery he films in. He breaks down each move and always reminds us to be patient with ourselves as we’re learning.”
-Karen Liu

“Nick is a fantastic teacher! If you have searched for poi tutorial online before, you’ve probably seen Nick Woolsey. He not only teaches the various moves, but he exudes style and enthusiasm. This course is like his youtube videos but so much better. Nick breaks down some very big moves into smaller progressions that, week by week, you slowly build up into something amazing. As a bonus, if you have a hard time or get stuck you can submit a video and have Nick troubleshoot for you. He generally wants you to learn, and his infectious enthusiasm makes it a fun trip, even when you keep hitting yourself in the head. You need to put the work in, of course. Some moves take weeks to ‘get’ and may take months to fully fine-tune. That’s okay, because if you keep trying you will get it. If you know the basics and want to take your poi to the next level, this course is not only for you, it’s a bargain. Happy spinning!”
-Jonathan Pettit

“I am giving this course 5 stars as this course is super friendly to follow, diverse enough to keep people busy and challenged and the instructors enthusiasm top notch. Support for questions either email or video excellent and relatively timely. To top that off life time reference guide to refresh or review…what is not to like. Ten thumbs up!”
-Dale Moffatt

“This course covers a great deal of content for anyone who has moved beyond the basics and wants to improve technique and their catalog of moves . There is easily many many months worth of content to keep me practicing and perfecting technique. I have revisited various parts several times, and always find new inspiration and ideas to practice. I have found the videos great for perfecting form and developing muscle memory so that freedom of expression and movement can come about, helping break the ‘paint by colours’ style of jumping from one move to the next, without much creative expression in between. Nick’s videos are excellent and very helpful!”
-Graham Gatus