Here are some of our favourite websites!

HOME OF POI is a major hub for all things poi, offering a huge shop, photo galleries, and event listings. They are a well-run company, a great group of people, and if you click through to them and buy something, you will also be supporting us here at Playpoi!


Sean and Prisna at are good friends of Nick and the Playpoi crew. Their Podpoi are our favourite LED toys in the universe, and we hope to help rally the community behind them (which will be easy as long as they keep making the best toys.)


For those who play with fire, The Flow Arts Institute Safety Training is as good as it gets. Please don’t play with fire without a comprehensive safety plan. Now you have no excuse!

The NAFAA Fire Performer Safety Guidelines is another very thorough resource we’ve found about fuel and fire safety. It was created and is maintained by the North American Fire Arts Association, an amazing collective of individuals who are very dedicated to safety in the fire arts!

FEUERSHOW.DE is a German gear shop run by the very likeable Sam.  They produce and sell awesome fire effects, poi, and juggling gear.  We have an affiliate program with them as well, so if you go buy something, you’re supporting Playpoi!


Alien Jon has been on the frontier of flow arts for decades! He’s put out a lot of poi videos, has taught extensively, and now he’s half the brains behind PixelWhips, a new fiber-optic flow toy!


Noel Yee is the force behind Vulcan Tech Gospel (VTG), the source of much of the best theory regarding poi tech, poi flowers, transition theory, etc. They even have a poi transitions app!


La Escuela del Sol, run by our friends Jeremy and Andrea, offers Spanish, surfing, yoga, scuba-diving and fire-dancing classes in Montezuma, Costa Rica. They’ve been instrumental in making our Costa Rica retreats happen – thanks guys!

If you or any of your friends or family want to learn any combination of what they teach, click through to check them out! Make sure to tell them that you heard about them through Playpoi! 🙂


Flow Temple is pure awesome.  It’s located in Los Angeles and currently run by our friend Tea Faerie and her collaborators.

They offer instruction in the flow arts with a focus on the flow-state as opposed to the technical, and they organize regular community flow gatherings and parties.


Flame Oz is a performance troupe based out of Australia that performs breathtaking fire spectaculars, stage shows, and walkabout circus entertainment worldwide.

We had the pleasure of befriending two core members of this troupe when they came to our retreat in Bali in 2010 – and Karen filmed it! Check them out!

POI COMMUNITY is the wonderful community site run by the amazing Yuta. It offers discussion forums as well as online lessons. Yuta has put a lot of energy into the poi community in Japan, purely from his big-hearted love of poi and people. Check it out.


FirePoise was founded in 2005 by award-winning poi artist Clare Palmer. Clare and her group of lovely performers put on fire and glow shows for events across Ireland.

Nick’s had the pleasure of working with them on some of their projects! Clare has worked hard to build the fire spinning community in Northern Ireland, and she also won COL 2006. Tis fire poi, mixed with some Irish loveliness 🙂

TEMPLE OF POI Isa Isaacs (AKA Glitter Girl: a true poi super-hero) may be the strongest force pushing poi into the public awareness in North America. She played a big role in Nick’s teaching career, and has given us lots of inspiration for developing good poi lessons. The Temple of Poi offers poi lessons in San Fransisco on most weeknights.


Firefy is an innovative educational company based out of Quebec, Canada. They are dedicated to teaching poi and circus arts to children. They also make there own line of poi and instructional media. They have taught poi to 50,000 children! To find out more about what they do and how they do it, visit their website.


Spin Science is the artistic and intellectual outlet of Lorq Nichols. He creates clear and accurate visual aids to help you learn flow and juggling. He is one of the few people worldwide truly pushing the frontier of the learning potential of the flow arts. Also his clothing kicks ass! 🙂


Nick befriended one of the members of Delhi 2 Dublin while living in Vancouver, long ago. They agreed to let us use some of their tracks in our videos. The group has since become a global sensation!


The Ministry of Manipulation is an amazing object manipulation site that’s run by the incredible Drew Batchelor.

Ball Manipulation, Hoop Manipulation, Contact Staff, Poi, Club swinging, Body Rolling, dancing with things …. They all happen here. The video blog is fantastic. Highly recommended.


Poi Passion is a performance troupe and poi school based in South England and run by Kate. It’s a sweet group of people sharing the joy of poi and the beauty of fire dance.


Spark Circus brings toys, entertainment, and much needed food and supplies to refugee camps in Thailand, with a focus on meeting the needs of families and children.


Ben Drexler has put out more tech poi videos than anybody else. He is a major influence in the world of poi. He’s also a nice guy!


Loooop is a performance troupe based out of Berlin. They do the best partner-poi performances in the universe.