Leviathan 2020 Poi Videos!

Recent videos from Leviathan!

3-Circle Fountain and 3-Circle Antispin Fountain

Thanks to some great questions by Matt Harding, I discovered 3-circle versions of the fountain and antispin fountain. Check it out! NOTE: Just ignore the weird stalker dude who video...

My Step by Step Online Poi Courses!

These courses represent my life work with poi! 🙂 ►Learn and Master the Fundamentals of Poi  ►Beyond-the-Poi-Basics: Intermediate and Advanced Poi Dancing

Learn Poi Online with Vojta

Check it out! learn with vojta

Testimonial for Poi Dancing: The Beginner Series

Daniel tells us about his experience with Poi Dancing: The Beginner Series

The 4×4 Fountain Can Make a 6-Inspin Poi Flower

Understanding how the 4×4 fountain makes an inspin flower is one thing. Having the skill to do it is another! Don’t feel bad if you can’t make the 4×4 look...

Sideways 1-Inspins Meet Sideways Triquetras

This was a fun rabbit hole to go down. Brain melt! Need poi? We recommend PodPoi by Flowtoys. Use pleasekeepsecret as your referral code to save 5% while supporting Playpoi,...

Weird Opposites Catches

The basic idea is simple, just stick your fingers forward and let the poi wrap up! You’ll have to play with how far apart to keep your hands to get...

30-days poi tosses challenge!

Poi tosses, at least 5-minutes each day! Why only 5 minutes? Several psychology studies suggest that the best way to stick with a new habit, is to make it a...