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These courses represent my life work with poi! 🙂 ►Learn and Master the Fundamentals of Poi  ►Beyond-the-Poi-Basics: Intermediate and Advanced Poi Dancing

The 4×4 Fountain Can Make a 6-Inspin Poi Flower

Understanding how the 4×4 fountain makes an inspin flower is one thing. Having the skill to do it is another! Don’t feel bad if you can’t make the 4×4 look...

Sideways 1-Inspins Meet Sideways Triquetras

This was a fun rabbit hole to go down. Brain melt! Need poi? We recommend PodPoi by Flowtoys. Use pleasekeepsecret as your referral code to save 5% while supporting Playpoi,...

Weird Opposites Catches

The basic idea is simple, just stick your fingers forward and let the poi wrap up! You’ll have to play with how far apart to keep your hands to get...

Nick Spins Fire at Leviathan

As usual, I was inspired at the end of Leviathan Poi Camp. This is what inspired fire poi a’la Nick looks like 🙂 For details on Leviathan Poi Camp 2020,...

Ty spinning fire at Leviathan

Ty blew our minds with his fire dance skills at the end of Leviathan Poi Camp.

My Brave Browser Video Contest Entry!

I recently entered this video into a contest for Brave Browser! Brave is an alternative to Chrome and Firefox. It’s fast, private, and ad-free by default. I will report back...

Leviathan Visual Poi Free Flow

I love it here! You are welcome to check it out at the next Leviathan Poi Retreat, June 15-29, 2019

Flowtoys Capsules (Podpoi) 2.0: Best LED poi?

Go to Flowtoys.com to check them out! Use “pleasekeepsecret” to save 5% and to support Playpoi! Thanks!    

Best Beginner Sock Poi: Super-Sockies!

Speevers Super-Socky are great sock-poi for beginners, with very soft fabric. Whenever you shop at Speevers,  use code 3089 to save 10%! (and you’ll be supporting me/Playpoi too!)

The ultimate guide to making or buying practice poi

If you want to order pre-made poi, try One-Piece Cone Poi, Super-Socky Poi by Speevers, or our favourite LED poi: Podpoi (Use PLEASEKEEPSECRET as your referral code with Flowtoys, to save 5%...

Leviathan Poi Camp 2020

Leviathan Poi Camp is the ultimate flow training experience!

Upcoming Poi Dancing Events

See the world, while meeting great people, doing something you love!

The Playpoi Guide to Fire and LED Photography

Want to take better fire and LED photos?