Beyond the Basics:
Intermediate and Advanced
Poi Dancing

Journey further
down the road
to poi mastery


This course is for those who are confident with the fundamental moves and transitions of poi. 

It includes 12 sections, with 12-15 short videos per section, guiding you through a proven system for developing freedom with:

  • Poi-fu (Coordination for poi & flow arts)
  • Footwork
  • Mastery of planes
  • Stalls and stall patterns
  • Crosspoints and pattern beautification
  • Poi flowers: Inspin, antispin, and combinations
  • Performance theory
  • Rhythm and musicality
  • Plus many moves: Spiral wraps, behind-the-back weaves, etc. 

The course is offered through’s learning platform, which helps you stay organized and engaged. 

Note: I offer scholarships to those experiencing financial stress. Just write me to inquire



Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, for this course you need to be confident an fluid with shoulder and hip reels, weaves, windmills, butterflies and opposites, and transitions between the moves and modes. 

This course is about poi movement. Fire spinning would require an entire course 

Nope! That’s not part of this course. Try Drex or Ty Roachford for 3-poi and tosses!

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About Nick Woolsey

Nick Woolsey has been an influential poi artist since 2002. He has toured all over the world teaching poi to thousands of people in person, and to tens of thousands more through video. He has put all that experience into this online poi course.

Nick compares learning poi to learning music. Emphasizing fundamental skills, rather than individual moves, is what best allows a poi artist to play freely, to learn new moves easily, and to develop personal style.

When not teaching poi or practicing, Nick creates wildflower gardens, attempts dating, and designs imaginary spaceships.

The imaginary spaceships tend to work out the best

ready to flow?