The Art of Light by Riuchi

I’m glad Riuchi sent me a link to this video. I enjoy seeing people explore poi as a dance, and it’s been very rare to see people take it so...

Pier – Late Night Dream

Pier has come to the Swiss Poi and Yoga retreat a few times. I’ve had the pleasure of watching him go from a good spinner to one of the best...

Philosophy of the Flow: A Tribute

Dan is one of the greatest friends I ever had. I will miss him for the rest of my life. Video by Matthew Boyd.

Jay with Poi (Nice Example of Body Movement)

Jay sent me a link to this video. It’s a nice example of focusing on body movement and dance, and funky music too!

Burning Man: I’m Coming Home

There has been a rush of great videos from this summer’s poi, flow, and fire events. This compilation of footage from Burning Man shot and edited by Adam Herscheid shows just...

Poi’s Shaking the World Compilation Video

Vojta put together this epic complication of clips from a whole bunch of awesome poi videos. It’s quite a nostalgia trip of the last ten years of the art form!...

More Poi Inspiration by Vojta Stolbenko

Vojta is a talented poi artist from Czech Republic. In this video he explores his poi dancing as well as video skills.

Teddy Petrovsky “I Let Go By Breathing/Moving”

Thanks Teddy!

Performing Pair at Pacific Fire 2010

Greg and Margaret are definitely one of the best partner poi duos ever! They gave us a preview of this performance when they made a guest appearance at the Bali...