Moving with the Rhythm of the Music with Poi

A series of important ideas for moving with the music. This will take your felt sense of flow AND your performance abilities to a new level!


I rarely see people actually moving with the music when they’re playing poi. There is a reason for this. Until you’ve explored the different ways you can move the poi with the music, you will probably be stuck. You have to start exploring how the rhythm of the up-swings and in-swings and out-swings and down-swings are all very important. Here we use reels as an example. Even if you’ve been comfortable with the reels for years there is a chance you’re still not getting how to do it with the music! So do try to follow along and test yourself. Enjoy!

The track is “Get Your Damn Hands Off My Synthesizer” by¬†The Polish Ambassador. He releases all his music with a creative-commons copy right and they’ve given me permission to use his music in my poi videos as long as I provide all the links back etc. It’s awesome music to do check it out!

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