Linking 4 Buzzsaw Flower Combinations with Poi Fu

4 videos taking you through 4 buzzsaw flower combos, and how to link them together with poi fu!


I left Leviathan Poi Retreat 2016 with the goal of getting this sequence, after Kat took us through some Vulcan Tech Gospel. It took some weeks of practice, and it’s one of the most fun sequences I’ve ever played with!

Watch the videos in order. They go through each combination of buzzsaw flowers, and then how to link them together. For this sequence, the poi are always doing 4-petal antispin, or 2-petal inspin, which both take 3-poi circles. The patterns are:

Horizontal 2-petal inspin meets vertical 2-petal inspin
Diamond 4-petal antispin meets box 4-petal antispin
Diamond 4-petal antispin meets horizontal 2-petal inspin
Box 4-petal antispin meets vertical 2-petal inspin

The poi stay split-time same-direction, while the arms switch from together-same, to split-time opposites, to the other together-same, to the other split-time opposites.

It’s one thing to understand, and another to do it. This sequence will take time to learn. Don’t get frustrated if you can’t get it in a week or two. You may have to keep in in mind for many months! 🙂

Thanks to Katlan Irvine for getting me re-rolling with inspin-antispin theory via VTG via Noel Yee. Thanks to Alien-Jon for orchestrating the poi-animations project. Thanks to Jeremy Lewis for creating the animations. And thanks to all of you out there liking, sharing, and letting me know you enjoy the videos! Also a call out to Ben Drexler, who’s putting out amazing poi content!

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