Getting Started with Poi Flowers

What you need to know to get started with flowers


There are many kinds of flowers: Antispin, inspin, and the ways you can combine the poi movement with the movement of the arms.

Flowers are beautiful in and of themselves, and practicing flowers generally improves your plane control and frees up your ability to dance and express. It does take a bit of practice to learn smooth flower patterns, but it’s worth it!

Note: You can make as many petals as you want when playing with antispin flowers. 4-petal flowers are especially important because it flows so well with the cardinal directions (up, down, side, side) and also 4/4 music. But many people get confused between 4-petals and 4 down-swings. It’s important to know that a 4-petal flower only has 3 down-swings (3 circles of the poi). This video helps you get the difference.

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