3 poi circles = 4-loop antispin and only 2-loop inspin… here’s why!

Why do 3 poi-circles make 4-loop antispin, but only 2-loop inspin? Here’s why!


3 poi circles = 2-loop-inspin or 4-loop-antispin. Here’s an in-depth video explaining why, with lots of juicy details, including the yummy bit about understanding either pattern as a 4/4 rhythm!

Thanks to Katlan Irvine for getting me re-rolling with inspin-antispin theory via VTG via Noel Yee. Thanks to Alien-Jon for orchestrating the poi-animations project. Thanks to Jeremy Lewis for creating the animations. And thanks to all of you out there liking, sharing, and letting me know you enjoy the videos! Also a call out to Ben Drexler, who’s putting out amazing poi content!

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