Partner-Poi: Getting Started: Props and Communication

Partner poi can be a lot of fun. I canĀ also be challenging. Even more important than learning your first moves, is learning your first communication tools.

Partner Poi: Practicing the Fundamental Rhythms with your Arms

Learn the fundamental rhythms of poi with your arms. This is helpful for spinning with partners or on your own. Start here or the other partner-poi videos will be hard...

Partner Poi: Developing skill with split-time and same-time

Keeping split-time with your partner will be the foundation of many partner-poi moves. It’s harder than you think! Here we look at ways to get started.

Partner-Poi: 3-Beat Weaves

Just take this step-by-step, like learning the weave for the first time.

Partner Poi: Various Positions with 3-Beat Weaves

Once you’ve learned the basic 3-beat partner weaves, the next step is to learn them facing away from each other. This will allow you to step through different positions from...

Partner Poi: Chase the Sun

Although it may feel like you’re doing a Chase the Sun type pattern, it’s also a forwards and backwards partner weave at the same time. But most importantly it’s fun...

Partner poi: 4-beat crossed weave

The crossed weave is a fun partner poi pattern because you can transition into the various partner weaves.

Partner Poi: Transitions from Crossed-Weave to 3-Beat Weaves

Once you know both the crossed-weave, and the various 3-beat weaves with your partners, you can start to change positions and flow between the patterns. Here’s how.

Partner poi: Group Poi Dance with Nick and LOOOOP

I had the good fortune to make a partner-poi video with the LOOOOP group in Germany. The video starts with an overview of the whole pattern, then breaks it down...